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+ - Crazy Bug / Exploit In /. Moderation System?-> 3

Submitted by beaverdownunder
beaverdownunder (1822050) writes "I think I may have just uncovered a crazy bug / exploit in Slashdot’s moderation system.

If you click ‘Parent’ on the post you wish to moderate, you can then moderate the posts inside that sub-thread without immediately losing any moderator points, if you then go back to the home screen (by clicking on the Slashdot logo) after you moderate the comments.

It appears that the system does catch up with you periodically, and then deduct the points you spent — but during that period of time it seems you can go quite far into negative deficit. For example, I ‘spent’ my last moderator point today five times (strictly for research purposes; I don't plan on doing so again. That would be bad.)

Checking again, I'm indeed now out of moderator points, but my 'over-mods' seem to have stuck. Perhaps others with moderator points can help verify this bug?

Although, I really wonder if this is a 'new discovery', or if this 'exploit' is already commonly abused... But that's just my cynical side showing through."

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Crazy Bug / Exploit In /. Moderation System?

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  • by Anonymous Coward's a feature. Now please mod me up five times.
  • The moderation system seems wonky.

    For months I was getting 15 mod points (previously never more than 5), and as soon as they were used up, 15 more within a day.

    I started getting tired of trying to use them judiciously by looking for lowly rated comments, yet had been conditioned to not waste them...

    Now, I haven't had any points for ... months? Karma's still good as far as I know.

    Anyway, if I ever get mod points again, I'd like to try this out and see if it is indeed a bug.

  • by tibman (623933)

    I thought it just didn't apply the points but told you it did? This will be fun!

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